Get to Know your Pets Parts

As you read through my pet tips I may refer to parts of the body by name and you may not know what part I am referring to so I decided to help you out by showing you animal images and naming their parts.



Anatomy of the Dogs Body

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Anatomy of the Cats Body

1. Crown2. Stop
3. Muzzle
4. Nose
5. Tactile hair
6. Flew
7. Neck
8. Chest
9. Arm
10. Carpus
11. Metacarpus (pastern)
12. Digits
13. Dewclaw
14. Elbow
15. Thorax
16. Abdomen
17. Flank
18. Stifle
19. Metatarsus
20. Hock
21. Leg
22. Thigh
23. Tail
24. Hip
25. Loin/Back
26. Shoulder
27. Crest
28. Pinna/Ear


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