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Pet Grooming Supplies and Tools – For Grooming at Home

Are you grooming your pet at home? Or would you like to start? If so, you are going to need pet grooming supplies and tools to achieve this.

Whether you are going to be grooming your pet in between visits to the groomers or plan to do it full time I will help you choose the best tools and supplies to get the job done right. I will show you all the pet grooming supplies and tools needed to start grooming your pet at home just like a professional groomer.

Tools are the items that are a one-time purchase.  

Supplies are the items that you will run out of over and over again and need to replace.


Pet Grooming Tools

In this section I will go over all the tools needed to groom your pet at home. For your convenience, the name of each tool listed is linked to a page with morePet grooming tools information about that tool. All the links will open in a new window.

Must-Have Tools

Grooming Brush: An important item needed for all types of coats is a grooming brush. Almost every pet requires brushing to help maintain their coat/fur. Learn about the different types by Clicking Here then choose the one made to benefit your pets coat/hair.

Grooming Comb: Do the same when purchasing a comb. The most commonly used comb for grooming is made of steel with two different widths of teeth on each side.

Pet Nail Trimmers: There are many different styles of nail trimmers, it is recommended to use the ones you feel most comfortable using.

Nail File: After you trim the nails with a nail trimmer you will want to file the tips of the nail to remove any sharp edges. 

Grooming Scissors: It is important to get a good pair of pet grooming scissors as it will be well worth the investment. Trimming your pet with a professional grade scissor will make the process go much smoother. I also recommend having two pairs in case one goes dull. When your scissors go dull use a professional pet scissor sharpener for your scissors. You can find one near you buy typing pet grooming tool sharpeners into Google.


Optional Tools

Pet Grooming Clippers: If you own a pet that will require haircuts I highly recommend investing in a good pair of professional pet grooming clippers. Purchasing cheap clippers will cost you more in the long run.

Clipper Blades: The blade sizes you need will depend on the type of hair you are cutting and the length you desire. If you will be doing a lot of clipping with the same size blade I recommend buying two of them. The blades need to be sharpened after several uses. Only use a professional pet blade sharpener for your blades.

Clipper Comb Attachments: These are combs that attach over a #40, #30, #10 or #15 blade and offer you more of a variety in the length of the hair.

Hair Dryers: There are several styles of hair dryers to choose from. You can use a simple Handheld Dryer, a Force Dryer or/and a Stand Dryer.  A lot will depend on the type of animal you will be drying. 

Grooming Table: Using a grooming table will make the grooming process much easier on you and your pet. 

Pet Toothbrush: Brushing your pet’s teeth will help keep your pet healthy.



Pet Grooming Supplies

Here is the list of all the supplies you will need to groom your pet at home. You may find you already have some of the supplies needed. It will be helpful to make a listPuppy in a tub of the ones you do not have.

Pet Shampoo: The pet shampoo you will be using depends on your pets skin and coat/fur type. Never use shampoos made for humans on an animal.

Pet Conditioner: Conditioners are a good way to keep your pet’s coat/fur moisturized. Conditioners also work well as a detangler for long-hair.

Ear Wash: You will want to use an ear wash after every bath and in between baths as needed.

Cotton Balls: You will be using a cotton ball for cleaning ears and eyes.

Q-Tips: You will be using Q-Tips to clean your pet’s ears and they come in handy when cleaning your clippers.

Medicated Ear Powder: If your pet needs to have the hair plucked from his/her inner ears you will need ear powder. It makes it easier to grab the hair resulting in less pain for your pet.

Styptic Powder: You should have an open container of styptic powder handy every time you trim your pet’s nails. It will stop the quick from bleeding if you accidentally trim the nail too far back.

Pet Toothpaste: These come in a variety of flavors, choose one your pet will like. You may need to experiment with several different flavors to find the one your pet likes.

Towels: To start out you can use some of the older towels you already have in your home. Make sure the towels you use are highly absorbent to reduce drying time.


Pet Grooming Tool Supplies

You will need supplies for your grooming tools. Keeping your tools clean and lubricated will keep them running smoothly, resulting in them lasting longer.

Blade Coolant: This is used to cool down the blades when they get hot. Blade Coolant also has a lubricant in it to help keep the blade cutting smoothly. Furthermore, coolants like WD-40 evaporate quickly and will cause damage to the cutting edges of the blade. Only use coolants made for clipper blades.

Blade Wash: You will want to clean your blades with Blade Wash after each use to prevent bacteria growing between the teeth.

Clipper Grease: Keeping the gears of your clipper greased will keep the clippers running cooler with less noise.

Clipper and Blade Oil:  Use 2-3 drops of blade oil on your blades after each use to keep them cutting smoothly. In addition, only use the recommended oil because other oils will gum up on the blades causing them to go dull.


The Conclusion

 I’m hoping this list of pet grooming supplies and tools will help get you started. It may seem like a lot at first but think of all the money you will be saving by grooming your pet at home.

Remember to take care of all your tools with the proper maintenance. It’s your investment and you want them to last a long time, don’t you?

If you have a question or need help please leave me a comment. I will reply to you ASAP!

Happy pet grooming,


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