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How to Groom a Puppy

So you just got a new puppy and you’re all excited. You want to give him/her a good home by getting all the things that a puppy needs. To get started, make yourself a list and include a brush, comb, nail clippers and puppy shampoo. The type of brush and comb will depend on your puppies coat. I will show you all the proper tools to use as I help you learn how to groom a puppy.

Before we get into learning how to groom a puppy I am going to assume that your puppy is over 8 weeks old. This is a law in most states, a few allow the sale of puppies and kittens at 7 weeks but most are set at 8 weeks. If you know someone who is selling puppies or kittens under 7-8 weeks of age you should report them. This is done for the safety and health of the animal. They need to be with their mother to get the proper nutrition they need to stay healthy.

Please check on your state’s laws, here is a list of the laws for each state Click Here! If you do not live in the United States please check with the laws in your area. You do not want to purchase a puppy that is too young. The results could be devastating and you don’t want a sick puppy.


The Homecoming

Bringing a puppy into a new home can be a frightening experience for your puppy. Therefore give him/her a few days to adjust to his/her new environment before you attempt any grooming procedures. Every puppy is different and the time they need to Three puppies sleeping in a box.adjust may vary. Trying to groom him too soon will only stress him out and you don’t want to do that. Your puppy already has enough to get used too. Once he is settled in you will be able to start introducing some simple grooming procedures.


Get Your Puppy Ready

There are a few things you can do to make the grooming procedure go a bit smoother. First, you should start touching and rubbing your puppies paws. This will make it easier when the time comes to trim his nails. Also, some breeds need to have the hair shaved out from the pads and Poodles have the entire paw shaved. Your puppy needs to get used to having his/her paws handled.

Get him used to the sounds of everything you will be using to groom him with that make a noise like running water, hair clippers, and a hair dryer. Let him see thatTwo white Poodle puppies sitting in the grass. these things will not harm him.

Find a place in your house that you will use for grooming your puppy. Preferably a room with a door you can close for fewer distractions while grooming. Get your puppy used to the surroundings and always use the same area for grooming. In time your puppy will relate to that area of the house as the place he gets a grooming.

If you have a small to medium sized breed you will need to get him use to being placed on a table. I recommend getting a Groomers Arm with a noose that can be attached to any table or you can purchase a Grooming Table that comes with the arm. Safety should be your #1 priority, you do not want your puppy jumping off a table and hurting himself. For more information on Pet Saftey please Click Here!

Always allow your puppy to go outside to potty before you begin any grooming procedures. This will make him less fidgety and you do not want him to potty while being groomed.


Introduction to Being Groomed

Start with some gentle brushing, keeping the sessions short. Increase the time with each session until you can do a complete brushing from head to tail. Use a brush that is designed to be gentle and made for puppies, I recommend using a soft slicker brush. You may be surprised at how quickly your puppy adapts to being brushed. After all, you are not just getting him used to being brushed you are spending time with him and building a bond that will last forever.  Having patients is an important part of teaching your puppy. Never yell or become abusive towards your puppy it will only make matters worse. You want your puppy to grow trust in you and not fear.

>>>Click Here to Learn more about Dog Brushes!<<<

Time for a Bath

Before you begin the bathing procedure have everything you will need at hands reach. Never leave a puppy alone in a tub or sink, they will try to jump out. Here areA Shih-Tzu puppy getting a bath. the things you will need for bathing your puppy. Only use a shampoo that is formulated for puppies.

  • Puppy Tear Free Shampoo
  • Towels
  • Cotton Balls
  • Q-Tips
  • Ear Wash
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs

Place your puppy in the tub and begin to wet him down with warm water. The water temperature should be around 70-80 degrees. For full bathing instructions Click Here!

After you are done rinsing all the shampoo gently squeeze off some water to make drying time faster. Immediately wrap your puppy in a towel because puppies do get chilled easily. Use more than one towel so you can rewrap him into a dry towel. Do not let your puppy run around dripping wet, this could lead to him getting chilled.

Use a blow dryer on a low speed to start drying him. I recommend buying a blow dryer that is made for drying animals. Because they will last longer and do not overheat as easily. Furthermore,  you will be saving money in the long run.



After the Bath

Once your puppy is nice and dry let him run around for a while. He may need to go outside to potty and/or he may be thirsty. This would also be a good time to rewardTwo Yorkshire Terrier puppies laying in a dog bed. him with a treat. After you give him some time to chill you can begin the brushing procedure.

It is also very important to get your puppy use to haveing his teeth cleaned and nails trimmed. You should start this right away, for instructions on how to clean your puppies teeth and trim his nails please Click Here!

Most of all, always reward your puppy with love and affection after each grooming procedure. This will help to reinforce good behavior as he/she learns.


I hope you found this article to be helpful as you learn how to groom a puppy. If you have any questions please leave me a comment.

Happy puppy grooming,


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Animals are my passion in life. I am here to help you take care of your pet/pets. Educating yourself in pet care will lead to a happier healthier pet and that is something we all want!

2 comments on “How to Groom a Puppy

  1. We used to have a sheltie dog and she hated the grooming process when she was a pup but as you say choosing the same room and having a regular routine works wonders for their adjustment into this crazy clean world – ha!

    She absolutely hated having a shower, stood there tail between her legs, ears back and the poor look in her eyes – bless her. The thing we had to get used to was her tendency to shake the water off halfway through the showering process, soaking you through, probably trying to get her own back.

    Another thing she disliked was having her nails cut – how does your 4 legged friend cope with her nails cut?
    Once she had her groom however she was elated, running around for a mad half hour. Happy days.
    Thanks for your informative dog grooming article,

    1. Yes, it does take time for them to get used to the grooming procedure. The reason they shake while getting a bath is mostly due to getting water in their ears.

      You need to start trimming their nails more often to get them used to it. But I have seen some dogs that never get used to it and put up a fight every time lol. This could also be from getting hurt while trimming their nails, like cutting the quick. Dogs do remember bad experiences and will associate nail trimming with pain.

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